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Quinte Tent, Table & Chair Rentals

tables and chairs with linens

Everything you need for a great event!

For full catered events, you provide the location and we'll take care of the rest!
Delivery  ●  Set-up  ●  Service  ●  Clean-up & Tear-down


There's no need to let the elements spoil your day. Your guests can relax in comfort in our attractive party tents available with cathedral window sidewalls to dress up any occasion. Our smaller event tents are an excellent way to offer your guests different stations to encourage mingling. Our burgundy frame tent is perfect for receiving guests or staging your buffet and our bar tent provides a comfortable spot to grab a beverage.

Whatever the situation: weddings, birthdays, reunions or team events, whether your event is casual or formal, our tents suit any celebration.

Rates reflect a typical 1-3 day rental period. Delivery charges apply.


White Frame Tent

20'x40' White Tent with walls & windows $800.00

Burgundy Frame Tent

15'x15' w/1 Side Wall $300.00
15'x30' $500.00
20'x20' w/1 Side Wall $500.00

Bar Tent

with Bar and Light $395.00

Don't be caught scrambling to find places for your guests to eat. We've got round or rectangular tables and can provide linens to dress up your indoor or outdoor celebration.

Table Rentals

Round Table

White 48" Diameter $10.00
White 60" Diameter $10.00
White 72" Diameter $15.00

Rectangular Tables

30"x72" $8.00
30"x96" $10.00

Cocktail Table


Harvest Tables


Table Linens

Round Tablecloths

90" cloth - hangs 15" on a 60" round table - white or ivory $10.00

108" cloth - hangs 24" on a 60" round table - white, black or ivory

120" cloth - hang 30" on a 60" round table - white, black, ivory, turquoise or grey

Sequin Tablecloths

120" cloth - hangs 30" on a 60" round table - silver sequin $15.00

Rectangular Tablecloths

60"x126" Rectangular Table - white/ivory $10.00
90"x156" Rectangular Table - white/ivory/black $13.00

Table Skirting

Skirting with clips: 14' & 17' lengths - white, black or ivory $1.00 per foot

Cocktail Tablecloth

White/Black/Ivory $13.00


Numerous colours available $5.00


Numerous colours available $0.50

Whether your party guests are ready to sit down to dinner or simply want to take a load off their feet, we provide comfy, lightweight folding chairs in basic black. Add a chair cover and sash for an elegant look.


Folding Chairs

Black $2.00
White $2.00
White wedding chairs $4.00
Walnut garden chairs $4.00
  Utility Folding Chair $1.50

Vintage Wooden Chairs

$2.50 each

Chair Covers

White/Black/Ivory $2.00


Numerous colours $0.50

Why worry about having enough place settings? We bring everything you need, from plates to glasses to cutlery, even the salt and pepper! And no need to worry about washing up after the party - we look after that, too. What could be easier?

Plates & Bowls

6" Appetizer/bread butter plate $0.45
8" Salad/dessert plate $0.45
10" Dinner plate $0.45
Soup/Salad Bowl $0.50


Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Knife, Soup Spoon, Tea Spoon $0.45 per piece


12oz Wine Glass $0.45
Water Glass $0.45
Champagne Glass $0.45
Martini Glass $0.45
9" Highball Glass $0.45
Old-Fashioned Glass $0.45
Shot Glass $0.45
12" Highball Glass $0.45

Coffee Mugs

White china $0.50

Serving Items

  Salt/Pepper $2.00
Water Jug $4.00
Bread Basket $2.00

Vintage Tableware

Dinner Plates, Salad Bowls, Lunch Plates, Fruit Nappies, Appetizer Plates $0.60
Cups/Saucers $1.00
Salt/Pepper $5.00
Cream/Sugar $5.00
Gravy boat $5.00
Serving Platters $5.00
Serving Bowls $5.00
Covered Serving Bowls $10.00

If you want to enhance your event with a little ambiance or get your guests up dancing we can help. Our 300W iPod-compatible sound system gives you the power to DJ your own event. It also comes with a microphone for announcements, speeches or toasts from your guests. If you need power, we can supply that too with our own gas generator.

Bar with Stools

$150.00 each

Cocktail Table Chairs

$10.00 each

Sound System

$250.00 each
300W iPod-compatible w/ microphone  



Galvanized Steel Tubs with Burlap

$25.00 each

Chalkboard on Easel

$40.00 each

White Arbour

$50.00 each

Wine Barrel

$50.00 each

Pig Roasters (propane included)

$250.00 each

Large Cooler

$25.00 each

80 Cup Coffee Urn

$25.00 each

Champagne Ice Bucket

$10.00 each

Chafing Dishes with fuel

$25.00 each

Patio Heater

$80.00/day with propane

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery charges applicable on rentals.

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer is responsible for all permits and utility locates that may be required.
  • Upon request, permits for engineering and flame resistance can be supplied for our tents.
  • All tents must be evacuated under all severe weather conditions:
        lightning  ●  high winds > 60kph  ●  hail/sleet  ●  snow  ●  flooding